Looking for a feedback about a firm

Hello all.
I am Kanishk from jamshedpur, India. I have been in talks with an UK based oil,mining and fmcg conglomerate by the name Agri chemicals. They want me to shift to Nigeria ASAP for a general management and administration role. They will be providing me with travel, accommodation, household help and everything else. I just want to know more about this company as I could not find a lot about this company online. Any ex or present Employee feedback about this company would be highly appreciated. Please do let me Know at the earliest as they are breathing down my neck for this job.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Kasnishk

I am looking to visit Lagos, Nigeria. Have youstarted your new job, what's it like in Lagos?

Any feedback would be most welcomed.

Kind Regards

Lagos is a very safe place particularly VI area.
No.issues at all so far for the last 20 days of my stay here.


Hi Susheel

Many thanks for your feedback, I feel much better knowing that Lagos is a safe place.
I value your feedback as you are presently in Lagos.

Kind Regards

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