Importing car greater than 5 year old into Bahrain


I currently live in abudhabi, prior to that I spent all my life in Bahrain as an expat

I am aware that the what I asked in the title is not possible by default, but I when I checked with my shipping agent here in abu dhabi they alerted me that many of their customers have gone to Bahrain traffic department and gotten NOC to import their cars which are greater than 5 years and have registered successfully.

I am wondering if anyone has any experience with this or if any body have any more information, would surely help out other expats like me.

My car is a 2013 model chevy sedan, purchased from national motor dealership sitra in Bahrain in November 2013. I exported it out of Bahrain in December 2015 when I moved here (to abudhabi) for a project. Now I need to head back to Bahrain for my project but looks like my car cannot return with me, I love my car, and would be a shame to lose it.

Would appreciate some help.

**the shipper told me in Bahrain as of 2018 you can register only cars from 2014-2018.

concerned expat.


I have a similar question:

I have a 2013 car and would like to import it to Bahrain. Is that possible?

Thank you

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