Job in a school

I am in my husbands visa . I am looking for a job in a school which can transfer my. Visa to schools .

OK - apply for some jobs

If you are on your husband's visa as a dependent, you cannot legally work in Malaysia.

You would need to get a school to agree to sponsor a work visa for you which might be quite difficult - if you are an expat then you really need to apply from outside Malaysia, and schools will expect a degree, PGCE and generally at least 2-3 years teaching experience in international/UK schools. Schools generally advertise on but the key advertising period is Dec-March.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the info
I have worked in international school having igcse curriculum for almost 12 years teaching mathematics.
What about taking tuitions

You could tutor, but on a dependent pass it wouldn’t be legal. Lots of people do this here in Malaysia but if you are found out then I’m sure immigration wouldn’t be happy at all!
Tuition centres might possibly sponsor your visa but I imagine they hire primarily local staff that are far cheaper for them (because sponsoring visas is expensive and lots of paperwork etc). I’d suggest contacting some directly and asking.

Thank you once again for the prompt reply .

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