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Hi Guys,
I would like to ask if im rejected in online extension, then i take exit in thailand 5 days before my last day, then i go back here in sg, is it possible that i can get 30 days again to stay here?
thanks in advance guys.

depends on immigration that day.

Thanks kristen, just a piece of advise, my 30days stay is June9 - July9, what is the best way so that when i re-entered SG, there is a possible to get another 30days.

thank you in advance

werre the same lol has anyone applied for spass or epass to you?

i went to jb in the morning went back afternooon, was ask at the office for questioning and stuff. Gave me another 30 days. june 09-july 09.

I haven't tried exiting to jb yet. When my online extension was rejected we appeal to the ica and blessed to have it extended till july 14.

My spass is still pending for 12calendar days now. If there is still no result before july 14, I think I need to exit to jb while waiting for the result.

If ever you will be exiting and re-entering again after 5days, please do update us here :) thank you.

Do NOT exit Singapore after a rejection of extension and think you can re-enter!
The immigration office when you re-enter will see the rejection on his screen. Thus he knows that you should not be in Singapore any longer and that your re-entry is a trick to circumvent this. He/She will then deny you entry - and rightly so!
You should always work with ICA within Singapore to get an extension, and if that fails stay out of Singapore until your S-Pass (or any other visa) is approved!

Do we need to have a return ticket to home country when you want to exit in JB? And what is the best day to exit? Is it 1 week before the last day of stay here in Singapore?
Thank you in advance.

You need an onward ticket (showing that and when you will leave the country), it does not need to return to where you came from.
There is no „best day“ for exiting the country, as long as your visa is still valid. Please note that you should not return to Singapore for some time - visa runs don‘t work here! (If you want to extend your stay, contact ICA while still in the country!)

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