Authorised dealer or direct importer?

Hi everyone. We are buying a car and I will appreciate some advice on the following: Are the direct importers as good as the authorized dealerships? Is it safe to buy from a direct importer? What are the pro's and con's of the two?


I would recommend to buy from authorised dealerships since you will be able to inspect the car.

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I have been on  Is Direct Auto a reputable car dealership?

Anyone from South Africa ever brought their car across to Mauritius as I am considering doing this? I wanted to find out how heavy the taxes are and if it is worthwhile doing?

Most car dealers will offer you at least 6 months warranty on the engine and 1 year warranty on the body. With official dealership, you can check out the car you are going to take. With direct car importers, you will only be able to see pictures of the car and the car has defects which were not seen on the pictures, the importer will not reimburese you nor give you warranty. To be safer, I would recommend getting in contact with an official dealership.
If you are buying a second hand car, you can always take a mechnic to inspect the car for you for a small fee. They will then inspect the car and inform you if it is ok to buy or what are the issues with the car.

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