Visa to Bangladesh

I  I'm having the most difficult time trying to obtain information on how to get a visa to Bangladesh. I live in Atlanta Georgia and there is no Bangladeshi Embassy here in Atlanta

Can anyone help me? I have search the web sites for the Department of State, I have looked everywhere and I'm having difficulty getting what I need. Any information would be of help. Thank you in advance

Hi...we have on arrival visa facility. You can check in Google that you will get the visa or not.


Ty so much.  Problem is I am coming there to stay longer than 30 days and I don't want to have to buy a return ticket and then have to change it so that's why I'm asking. According to the VOA website, you have to have a return ticket to get the VOA

Then you have to find out  Bangladesh embassy nearby. I don't know the exact information. But as a tour guide I can help you if need any tour activities.

Hello Robin,I need to come to Bangladesh to buy clothes to resale in my country,how can I go about that? Can u help?

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