Singapore IPA letter & empty smart card

I m an Indian passport holder,  my employment pass approved now, my H.R told me to get IPA & empty smart card delivered on my residential address, before embassy certificate verifications.

Congratulations to your approved EP, and welcome to Singapore!

Empty smart card is really it's came to my residential address?

Resident address where? If it’s in India then no HR sends such smart card to an Indian address. If you are residing in Singapore or given Singapore address then yes they can send to you.

My indian residential address,  from Singapore  high commissioning embassy, New Delhi.
IPA letter & empty smart card it's came at private bluedart courier.

I think you are confused. IPA letter issued by MoM and Singapore embassy has nothing to do about it. For IPA letter, MoM sends to your employer not to embassy. I think you are talking about your visit visa which will come from Singapore embassy in India, send by courier to your local address.

hard to decrypt his messages. lets simplify.

ipa is email, your company give you.

smart card, u put fingers, they send to singapore address.


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