what to rent ? house or flat ?

Dear friends

I would be moving to Mauritius in sometime.  Please guide me if I should rent a house or a flat / appartment. Please let me know the pros and cons.

Awaiting opinions

Each one has its pros and cons.
Many aspects to take into consideration: location, budget, family size, lifestyle, etc.

It all comes down to a matter of personal choice and preferences.

Thanks Winston

That is exactly what I needed to know. Pros and cons of each. The houses in and around quatre bornes cost around 20k to 25k per month. The flats cost around 25k to 35k per month. So wanted to know about each. Can u help?


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I am looking to live in central Mauritius as I'll be working in moka. I believe north would be a long drive.
Thanks for the response.

Considering your are going to work in Moka I recommend you to search in places like Quatre-Bornes, Rose-Hill, St Pierre or Reduit , you will not have any transport problem also. If you are alone then an appartment should be enough and it will cost around 10K-15K.

Thank you for your response.
I'll be moving with my family , 2 lil kids. Are you suggesting that public transport has a good network and I can commute through that for my office

Greetings once again,
So if you are moving with your family it is better to have a house considering you have 2 kids so they will need space I suppose. Yes you will not have transport problems if you live in places like Rose Hill, Reduit, Moka or St Pierre as there are many buses tresspassing the area. If you have any other query feel free to ask.



Public transport often stop working early i.e last bus at 6.00/6.30 pm at the start of their   route.

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