Hello everyone !

Hello everyone, my name is Doru Octavian and I come from Romania.
I was sales director to Renaut Trucks. We live for 6 month in Greece and it is very hard. No job. Only time to time in construction site but nothing permanent.
My wife is greek citizen and we leave in Salamina ( 15 min with ferry from Atena )

I think to go back in Romania because i don't find a job.

Hello Doru,well now,hold your horses about leaving if you can financially make it until you find something.The old airport of Athens is soon to go under construction and that will be a huge on going project needing lots of hands,lots of work.As you come off the ferry from Salamina there are many gas and petroleum sites at Elefsina and Peramos,boat repair and making them is also nearby,a huge yard.Did you know that there is a fairly easy way to get the required study papers so as to take an exam to be a security guard,my husband knows all about it,lots of questions on the test but well worth it.Lots of jobs in tourism,you could work together with your wife,try to get a foot into the high end or caretakers of expensive property.You should look at recruitment agencies,many employers in Greece place their personnel needs in their hands.Finding jobs here takes a lot of leg work,searching on line and walking in,the security guard option is a good one,dont give up.There is also work on ferry boats from Pireas perhaps.I hope you will find something and make your life more settled.

Hello Concertina ,
During this 6 month period I was at all the construction sites in Perama and Elefsina, Nothing to Work. The money wich i have from Romania goes slowly out without getting any another more money into the house.
I've tried in tourism, Nothing. I can not change my resume to say lies. When I see that I have been a director for 10 years, they don't  accept my as a bartender or something else.
The Greek language  i learned very little, I still learn but as you know it is totally different from other European languages.
I find it hard to think  leaving Greece, but without a salary of at least EUR 800 / month I can not survive anymore.

Thank you for your words

Hell Doru,do you have contact and friendship with other Romanians and Albanians,I know from the area I live in Athens that these two nationalities help each other very much,with work,finding jobs,mentally and emotionally they support each other,jobs can often come about from their own circle,a guy behind my home works I think for a Greek paint company or paints houses for a company,he finds works for others of the same nationalities,they really do help each other because they are all in the same boat..trying to survive boat..Its imperative that you learn Greek,as your wife is Greek she must speak with you in only Greek not English.The local councils run free Greek lessons.

Thank you again for your support.
But will look bad but i don't received any support from  another romanian peole.
It is strange but this is the life.
I learn greek in every day. I know is important to learn.
So i will keep try.

Doru,find out where they hang out on Salamina or Peramos,they know about work,go find Doru.

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