HELP! Dataflow is NEGATIVE!

Hi, I would like to seek advice from the forum on what to do regarding this issue.

I submitted a fake employment certificate for dataflow verification back in 2016 for my SC license renewal. Because I had a working gap of 3 years back then, I was advised by Saudi Council to present a recent employment certificate to renew my license. Otherwise, I will be sent home and will be required to take a training or additional working experience. Since I had financial problems back home during that time, I decided to take the risk and submit that fake certificate.

I was able to renew my license but was constantly worried about that dataflow report especially since the dataflow company did not give me any copy of the report and told me to inquire through Saudi council. I inquired the Saudi Council office many times and was repeatedly told that they did not have the report. I inquired both Dataflow and Saudi Council many times but to no avail. So, I thought that the report was fine since my license was already renewed.  I finished my contract with my previous employer in 2017 without any problems.

Currently, I received an offer by another employer and was required to undergo another dataflow verification since some of my documents were not included in the previous one. So, I submitted my documents and had the report after a month. Unfortunately, they traced my previous PSV report including the fake employment certificate. I checked my saudi council validity online to see if I am blacklisted since I've heard from other workers that their licenses were canceled and put on a blacklist in the saudi council website due to fake certificates. But upon checking, my license is still valid until 2019.

Now, I am in a dilemma. Should I take the risk and pursue this application given that there's no sign of me being blacklisted/banned? Does anyone know what MOH or Saudi Council's process is in dealing with these cases? Does anyone think they can still find out about that report even though 2 years have passed?

I hope someone can enlighten me on this issue especially those with the same experiences or issues as mine. It will be deeply appreciated. Thank you.

same case here.. how is ur application now?


They have a way of knowing. When u renew ur license they will check. Its more complicated now than before.

How did they know that your certificate was fake?
The employer you mentioned doesn’t exist?

Like how fake is your COE? Did you include the number of your employer in it?

hello my friend you already solve your problem?

I don't know how come you have so much guts. If they find you it's a fake, you will be banned to work for your whole lifetime not only in Saudi but all the GCC countries cause data flow is common to all GCC countries. Better hold your tongue and you get the experience. It's not like India or Africa where you can slide away or bribe. You will end up in serious trouble you can't even imagine. Even your visa and passport can be blocked for any entry. Arabs always have their superior complexity over others. Even good people from other countries are treated as third class citizens or worse. Don't do such things
I have masters, and had all good papers with skills but belong to a poor family and from a pathetic cursed country. Hence these oil well owning shepherds treated me like shit.i didn't want to work there. I left. At least some poor people worship me here for my service.

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