No record found, 6 working days

I found a lot of people on the same boat as I am. I just want to ask if how many days it took your application to be pending on the system? This is my 3rd company and Its my first time having this kind of "issue" that "no record found". I have the application number but still no record found.

I have read a lot of threads like this on the site but I want to know like is there any update on yours?


i have same issue now.

@kristen123 how was your Work pass application now? if okay, how many working days had you wait to change "No record found" to "Pending" or "Valid"??
thanks for your time..

i have same issue for EP application right now.
Superman: You are posting the same all over the forum. Why.
We have already replied that a "No record found" is normal in the first days, maybe a week, after application submission. If it is much longer, there is something wrong - and your employer must contact MoM to correct it. Please believe us!

@beppi is it possible to show "Valid" status after two weeks or three weeks without changing your past (history) work pass status?

Superman: If you see a "valid" status of your past or current pass, it means that it has not been cancelled (yet). It also means no new application has been submitted (or entered into the system).

@beppi okay, I understand

Hi @beppi. It has been 8 working days now and my second spass application does not show pending on the system. I keep checking everyday but only the previous application shown on the system which 'invalid (1 record found).

My new employer submitted my application 8 July. Should I ask my employer to contact MOM? I have seen ur comment on some post that if the pending status does not shown on the system it has not been processed yet or lost. Please advice Thanks in advance.

Yuki: It certainly does no harm for the employer to contact MoM. There were recently scams related to this - check the following thread:

@Yuki09 Please contact your employer and you may also write to MoM stating the status cannot be retrieved, seek assistance- you would know the exact issue.

Sorry to hijacked the post.
@Shekhz @beppi Results was out and I already talked to my employer. It was rejected, same reason with my previous application. 'Rejected due to employment history' I worked in Singapore year 2015 and after 5 months I cancelled my pass. I go back to my country to finished my study (4years course). 

My employer said they actually called MOM and ask what they mean about 'due to employment history' because they want to appeal on my application. MOM said that my FIN number and my name in MOM is BANNED. So its difficult for me to get approved. My employer suggest to sort it out to my last employer in SG year 2015.

I still have contact with that employer because the wife is my friend so I can still talk to him and sort it out regarding on my situation.

My question is, if I sorted it out is it possible for me to work again in SG? I am so hopeless right now and I dont know what to do. Please guide me on what I can do for me to be able to work again in SG. I didn't know that cancelling my employment in SG year 2015 would caused me so much problem in the future. 😢 Is it possible that they write something to MOM about me to cancel my pass? Because I didnt do anything wrong or bad to my year 2015 employer. Thats why I didnt think that this will happen.

Please share some info regarding my situation. Thank you so much. I already did my research and find answers to this group but I can't find aswer regarding on my situation. I really appreciate ur help. Thank you so much
Yuki09: How did you end your employemnt in 2015?
If you followed proper termination procedure (notice period, penalty) and gave the employer had no reason to complain, then this might be a misunderstanding and easy to clear up.
But if you absconded without notice, did not pay the contractual penalty or did any other illegal act, the ban might be rightfully in place.
In any case, the ban must be removed before you have any chance to work in Singapore again. If you cannot get it removed, you better look for a job in another country!
@beppi thank you so much for your response. Yes I did a proper termination of my contract and I pay the penalty. It was settled nicely with my employer. Thats why I am shock and confused why I am banned in MOM.

I've been trying so hard to find a job in SG and had multiple of employers applying for my Spass for the last two years and finally I found the real reason why I am not getting approved.

Im trying to sorted it out to my past employer (we didn't talked yet since he is currently out of SG now).

I want to email MOM regarding on my issue. Is it safe for me to email MOM and give my personal details? (Eg. Full name and Passport #) I don't actually remember my Fin#. I don't want to have bad records to them of course. I just want to enquire regarding my situation.

I just got back to my home country 2 weeks before finding out that I am banned in MOM thats why I can't go down to their office to inquire in person.

You are right beppi. But I didn't break any SG law or did any illegal that's why I don't understand my situation right now. 😞
Yuki09: Of course it is o.k. to give your details to MoM - they do have it anyway already!
I am puzzled by your comment that you don't know  your FIN: It is part of every application and rejection and willstay with you for life (or at least until you become PR/citizen).

@beppi  Hi Beppi can I know, if this is my first time to apply Spass is this I can have FIN? Or FIN just given for someone which ever get Spass before?

The FIN is issued early in the application process, so even a rejected EPor S-Pass has a FIN - and that FIN is also used for that person's subsequent applications.