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I see the workplace in Austria requires at least basic German A1 A2 levels in order to be considered. I would like to learn these modules before I immigrate at the end of 2018. I would then do further German courses at the Volkshochschulen to improve. Anyone know what institutes certificates are accepted? I know the embassy in South Africa want a Goethe Institut certificate but it's crazy expensive to study there. Could I learn via Babbel or is this not considered good enough to show competency?

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Carla :)

The best German course I have ever used (and I have used quite a few in the past 25 years or so) is the one from

This course will take you through basic German all the way up to advance level capabilities.  It teaches reading, writing, grammar, and speaking.

You should look into it if you are planning on studying on your own...

I have never heard of a certificate being needed to work if you speak and write German great. An employer isn't going to be interested in how you learnt it.

Now if you wish to become an Austrian citizen then that may be different. Which you need B2 minimum.

Look online, YouTube for instance to get some practice. You can also buy workbooks that have CDs and you can go through exercises.

Wonderful thank you! The SA Austrian embassy requires a certificate from the Goethe Institut for a spousal visa. So I was concerned i would have to show certificate for work too. Glad to hear this isn't the case.

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