Family visa

My wife birthday certificate is misplaced also we have laminated our daughter birthday certificate

Please advise what to be done while applying for family visa?

Your sponsor will apply for her visa. You need birth and marriage certificate scans. And salary above 400 BD registered with SIO.

Sir is possible to get family visa with 350 bd +100 hra. If yes then how many days of Validity of family visa. And what r the charges of visa

1) Please do not post on multiple threads and send private messages.  Understand you are anxious but have some patience
2) The amount registered with GOSI by your employer for you should be 400 (allowances and so on are a matter of contract between you and employer.  What they register is what counts. It is common to have a different GOSI number vs. your real salary.  But nowadays, the bank transfer should be more than 400 per month as SIO will check).  A family visa can be stamped for 6 months, 1 year or 2 years depending on what your employer applies for (and what is YOUR work visa validity - maximum they can get is up to your visa validity).  The charge for a 2 year visa is around 90 BD and your employer should pay it.

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