Finding a Job in Japan and change my Visa

I'm an Italian who studied in a French University and I'm supposed to graduate soon if my exams went well.
At the moment I'm doing in a internship of 4 months at Tokyo and I have a designated activities Visa. It's not an internship where I'm supposed to get hired after.
I have a very good level in Japanese, probably above n1 but I didn't take the test so I have only n2 at the moment.
I really really want to start work here and not go back to France once my internship is ended. But my Visa is s**t, even if I have still two months in which I could find another job after finishing the internship. I'm fluent in Italian, French, English and Japanese and my studies are international affaires. I would like to work in a airport, hotel or something like that. What can you advice me? I don't have money left to properly do that after my internship and I'm badly paid since it's not a real job.
Thank you a lot in advance!

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