Dealing with loneliness in the Philippines

Your post is spot on pwncyclist 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Hello there!
I moved here a few months back with my family. I live in Ayala Alabang village. Anyone wanna connect for a drink ? Please buzz.


If you speak English and have internet loneliness is not a problem

I find some of your observation some what puzzling in that you are a loner who needs time solo but find a lack of cohesion with a group of philipinos speaking to one another in their native tongue. Do you not see that they are bonding in their way? It is you that is stationed by the curb waiting for a ride...I know this sensation...when my wifes siblings are talking excitedly and as fast as their mouths can move. At points it seems like exclusion but it in truth is not their responsibility to hold my hand. Learning their tongue has been unsuccessful to date but I know the tones of anger and other human feeling as they paint my ears with their bright colored sounds. 
Being a loner is who I have been all my 70 yrs but it has been my choice. Having group hugs by strangers in a park while Jazz dancing is and will always be a poor substitute for letting go. 
Oh and culture try living under Spanish rule for 300 years only to be taken over by the wealthiest nation on earth. If you look in the most remote areas then back to Manila you see their historical expressions.
Don't mean to be hard ass just thought you might like anothers take.

For me I worked all those years until retirement as an accountant, often working 60 hours a week, sometimes more.  In the slower times before the next tax season I had to take classes and read up on new tax laws and recent court decisions.  I did not spend my off hours reading books or in the computer, too much like work.  Now that I am retired it gives me great joy to read what I like whenever I like, as long as I like.  Last year I found Tim Dorsey, who writes slapstick satire and mayhem about life in Florida.  His novels are my Mad Magazine for this century. The previous 2 years I read all of the Jack Reacher novels, love to give them to my friends or exchange with strangers on Cruise ships.  Never feel lonely when I have a book worth reading.

Incredibly lonely country to live in as a young man. The women don't relate to you on a deep level. The locals view you as a necessary evil and keep you at bay. Expats are largely delusional and not from my generation so there's disconnect when I opt to speak on some of my experiences here.  Hard to make good friends.

Through my girls, I've gotten invited to events and parties as the only foreigner but at best I'm tolerated and it usually is not a great experience. I did link up with some great locals but once they see I have a ladyfriend with me, they mentally lump me into the sexpat category and fade away slowly. Rampant jealousy and behind the scenes hatred and resentment really stifles penetrating into any meaningful level of society.

The women are not enough because society needs acceptance and love. The kind you see in the Philippines is temporary and contingent on you being able to repay any fickle hospitality that is thrown your way.

I often wake up and feel so empty and depressed but can't figure what it is. It has to be the bad juju and tribal history. The expat killings and deeply jealous rage behind the hello sirrrs and goofy smiles make for a bad vibe.

I don't know how people can call this place paradise.

Do yourself and others a favor and go home. Go be happy...?

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