Dealing with loneliness in Panama


Expatriation can be a fun and exciting adventure, but it can also be a bit lonely at times. Please share with us some tips for dealing with loneliness.

What are some potential factors that lead to loneliness when moving to Panama?

How do you deal with feelings of loneliness?

Is it easy to expand or create a social network in Panama?

Are there any activities or events that encourage social meet ups and networking opportunities?

Thank you for sharing your experience,


Learn the language + be outgoing = more friends than you can keep up with.

I came here married, but it just didn't work for my wife, for various reasons. There were other issues and we split up. Yes, loneliness has been an issue at times.

I live in a town with a friendly English speaking population and I have made some very good friendships.

I have a business with great employees so that is a bit of a social network but I also volunteer and participate in expat events. I have hobbies and activities and I also date (mostly online) At this moment I am still single.

I have come to see loneliness as a normal feeling and it does not mean that something is wrong. I would like to be living with a special person but I won't settle in ways that don't work for me.

It helps to see loneliness as something transitory and simply a thought or feeling in the moment.


I think this is a great topic!!  We live NOT in a grated community.. Our neighbourhood is fairly poor
panamaians, a spattering of other canadians.  Kinda funny how we all ended up on the same
community though.  In canada none of us would be friends, lol, but here, hey, we pull together
for the most part.
This advice, about learn the language, and be outgoing, and you will have more friends than
you can shake a stick at, is good advice, however I know I little about the writer because I read
her blogs all the time, lol.  And in my opinion there is a big difference between house owners and
renters!!, Renters have more time, for sure, but it is about personal choices, also, and we made
this choice with all its pluses and minises.

I feel lonely there a bit, but less each year it seems.  That is why I little to return to canada,
my comfort zone, and get my fill of "use to's", until the bad things of Canada start driving me
crazy again, and I am happy to go back to Panama and the cycle starts all over again, lol.

And you asked for solutions?  I do agreed, language study is part of the answer.  The main
reason I have not started is the price.  If I could find a language teacher for around $5 to $10
per session, even just a short session, I would do it, but most structured study even one to one,
is mostly based on a northern american budget, not panamian.  And I have plenty of grammer
books, yes, I have lots of books, lol, just not the accountibilty or commitment, I guess,  Hey, l
am being honest!!  Maybe what I need is just an accountability partner, someone I have to answer
to, and maybe pay,  if I haven't done the weekly assignment!!, Now there's a thought!!! ,
(any volunteers, lol??)

Oh yes, me too! I can put off things until a tomorrow that never comes. Having a teacher made all the difference to me too.   She was my teacher and remains a very good friend. I thank her every day for my ability to communicate.

Dear Priscilla,

We stay near a very small town about a hour's drive from David. The expats in this area are wonderful and there are so many opportunities to socialize.

We found out that expats gather every Saturday at a specific place. We now go regularly to see and meet newcomers, get updates and news about the community and to enjoy the company of our new friends.

Since moving to Panama we have been to our first Thanksgiving and 4th of July celebrations!

Yesterday I went to a Ladies Beach Bobbing afternoon and late afternoon we had a Beach Bonfire. This morning I am going to visit an old lady that needs a little help and tomorrow we are off to the Boquete Market.

The key is to get to know the people in your area.

Are you a cyclist? I’ve ridden quite a bit in David and the surrounding areas. Maybe I’ll see you out there.

How do you get in touch with the Saturday group? Another expat who lives west of David is looking for opportunities to meet other expats.

How are things in South Africa? I’ve met others on line who say conditions are so bad they feel like they must leave for their safety.

Glad you’re happy in Panama!


Thanks for the link Kris!

Yes, we are also located about 45 minutes West of David and live in a very small town. Would love to connect with expats in the area. We are in our 40's, very active, love the outdoors, hiking, nature, organic farming, etc.

Hope to learn about more meet up groups and meet some positive energy people here in town!

Hi again,
I am picking up a second hand mountain bicycle tomorrow in Boquete. I used to do a lot of cycle races back in South Africa but here it will be for fun and exercise.  Being in Boca Chica is an hour from David so I am not thinking to join a cycling group yet.

Sadly, many South Africans are feeling more and more alienated from the country where we have lived for many generations. It is a beautiful but dangerous place to live these days. We will be seeing South Africans coming here more regularly to explore with a view to stay. Most families with young children opt for countries like Australia,  Nieu Zealand and Canada but the cost and requirements make it impossible for most.

Ahh, Boca Chica, beautiful area! I’m not in a cycling group either. I’m not young and energetic enough to keep up, and playing in a band as made me a night owl who can’t get up in the morning.

I’m so sorry to hear about what is going on in South Africa.

married and a wife that works 12 hours a day ,, morning is easy as i cook her breakfast and then make her a dinner to take with her but when she leaves mid afternoon it seems i pour my first glass of wine a little earlier each day ,, i spend 4 or 5 hours on facebook i think is about all i do ,, friends i hav a few that we meet at the gym but that is it ,, and yes my spanish is really bad ,,

The bicycle purchase did not work out, it was too small. I am quite disappointed. Maybe buy a new one but oh the cost! So walking is still an option to stay active.
Do you live in Boquete? It seems all the artistic and musical people life there. I met Mike Schwartz, drummer, recently and another drummer named Caesar a while back. What instrument do you play?

Hi! Sorry about the bike. Check Tomy in David, south of the bus station next to the Hospital Cattan. My $350 bike (with some upgrades over the years) is 5+ years old and doing fine. The store has grown and has a larger selection now, and also a good mechanic if you need one.

We live in David but the band (Monkey Nerve) plays in Boquete. My husband Joel is lead singer and guitarist, Chris is the other lead singer and drummer, and I play bass and do backup vocals. You’re right though that the musicians can be found in Boquete, and it’s a really great music community there. Mike is a super guy and sits in with us sometimes. I know of Caesar but don’t really know him in person, but I think Joel does.

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