Help - Newbie from NZ has a few questions about working in PNG

Hi Everyone

As the title suggests I am from NZ and currently have a job offer on the cards that I am considering. The position is as a Sales Manager in the Engineering sector based in Port Moresby.

As I don't want to talk too publicly regarding salary expectations etc, it would be appreciated if there was anyone on this site that may be able to help me with determining the worth of this position to ensure I am getting a fair deal. Private message or email is fine by me.

Other than that, I have a couple questions regarding working conditions in Port Moresby that you may be able to help with.

- Is tax based solely on your earnings, or on your whole salary package? (accommodation, vehicle etc)

- Is PNG superannuation taxed? and what happens to the super if I leave the country?

- Is it common to negotiate extra annual leave/'sanity breaks' as i've heard them called as part of the salary package?

- What would you say a healthy weekly budget for food and a cheeky beer for a single male would be in PNG? (Take into account accommodation, vehicle etc is paid for) I don't want to get too ahead of myself expecting to save heaps as I know the cost of living is quite high.

- Are there any financial pitfalls that I may be missing concerning employment contracts or general taxes or bills for expats?

- Are there any other problems I may face regarding employment or any particular businesses to avoid? (I don't want to end up in a 'meat grinder' company etc)

Thanks in advance and I appreciate any help you may be able to provide

Hi there, I am happy to help, been here for years.  I realise it may be a bit late now. ***

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Hi mate you got any luck lately with your questions? Keen to help if you havent yet. Let  me know.

Hi Cath,

I am a 27y/o female who has just been offered a position in Port Moresby. I have very similar questions to this post and would love to see your reply (it is hidden) if you wouldn't mind sending it to me?

It is a very tempting position for my career and I am weighing up taking the contract over the next week. It is a FIFO out role with 5 weeks on working in Port Moresby and 1 week back home.


May be a bit late but still happy to help/respond if you got anymore question that I can answer with. Add me up and let's keep in touch.

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