VPN for Wifi So I Can Use Firestick/Chromecast without Geo Blocking?

Does anyone know of how I can get a VPN (Virtual Private Network) assigned and associated with a Delancer wifi in Sosua?

Amazon Firestick and Google Chromecast associated with TVs (not "Smart" TVs) each require me to add my wifi id & password in order to use. Once the activated when you try to access most channels on the Firestick or Chromecast they are blocked stating that they are outside of the allowed area (USA).

I have a VPN associated with my computer that I use to access my work servers in the US and when on the computer I can access Hulu and other items in the US without a problem. I can actually direct the computer to TV and that works well (when I'm connected to my work VPN), but it's a pain and doesn't allow for use of a remote.

I know that I've heard that others have been using VPNs associated with their Wifi in the DR to get through Geo blocking, but I don't know where to start or who to contact here.

Any suggestions or referrals would be greatly appreciated.

THANKS!!! John

There are many ways to do that, but I use a router that has been configured with my ExpressVPN account.

You can actually install the ExpressVPN client on many different devices, but I find it easier to use the router, That way, everything is protected and routed the way I want. No chance I might forget to use the VPN tunnel.

Using that, you can make providers think you are anywhere in the world you desire, thus bypassing any geography based restrictions.

Another benefit to a router, it should have better signal strength, throughput, and security than what is provide by your ISP (anywhere, not just the DR). It's pretty easy to setup, especially if you order it pre-configured. Any questions, hit me up.

There are many other providers to choose from, that just happens to be the one I use.


Thank you. Do you know anyone in the Sosua area that does this type of work? Being in the DR and not the best at speaking Spanish I'd like to hire someone to have the VPN setup on the router.

Thanks again!

I do not. However, if you read the articles on the ExpressVPN website and their preferred vendor for the router, I think you will realize it's pretty simple to do yourself.

I'm still traveling back and forth between Miami and Montellano (20 minutes from Sosua). But if you still need help in a few months I should be back there permanently around August.

Shoot me a DM with your info if you want and we can keep in touch.


Great info!!!

A VPN is essential  However the many WIFI VPNs do have enormous drops in speed  From experience a good VPN router connected via an Ethernet cable is more reliable and considerably faster & more secure


I use chromecast and Firestick without any issues and no VPN.  It may be that your account is set to the Dominican Republic.  Reset your Amazon account or your google account with a North American address.  Works fine.  It's not a wifi or provider issue as far as I can see.  This also holds true for other apps such as Spotify.  Change your Dominican address to a North American one and BAM!  You're in...

The problem with that is your are traceable.  With a good VPN you're not


Yes, I understand Ducketts but not everyone has something to hide...general use should not be an issue.

It's not a question of hiding, it's a question of privacy.  Many VPNs are well known to dig in and get all your private data.  This is well documented.  And if you wish to stream they can know about that too.  In DR for example there many US services you cannot watch unless the supplier believes you are in the US  A VPN let's you change your location  Anyway up to you of course.


Good info Ducketts,  please expand if I am off base.  Chromecast and Fire TV, why would I care if the US tracks what I watch?  If they block it in someway or whatever, can I not then go to a VPN service?  I don't see a valid reason to pay for a service I may not need.  After all that's what all of these companies tell everyone, that you are vulnerable and must buy their product to be "safe".  Great scam isn't it?  Not everyone will fall into a category that matters, comments appreciated...

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