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Hi Everyone

I need a kind help from any one for the information about the job at Ho chi minh city,
kindly please advice how and where can i find the job offer at HCMC?  May be some one know the information, The web site for these job offer or something on line information.
I has no friend at HCMC, i m very interesting and made up my plan to live at HCMC and get better career at HCMC.

Sunardi Chua

Generally speaking, HCMC is a city offering a lot of job opportunities and with a low living cost, you can live comfortably and save a certain amount of money there.

You can search for jobs in some websites assisting recruitment in Vietnam, such as vietnamworks.com, careerlink.vn, careerbuilder.vn. You can go there and have some overview about the common salary paid for each job in Vietnam.

However, in order to save time and find a job that suits your ability, I advice you to look for a job placement program, to which you pay a fee and the program provider will look at your CV and match you with the most suitable job vacancy that they have.

You can find such a job/internship placement program in some websites, such as goabroad.com or gooverseas.com. By the way, the "Internships and Jobs in Vietnam" program provided by Travelling Internship Pro on gooverseas.com is the cheapest program that I can find.

Good luck!

Hi bro, you can check in Vietnamwork.com. there have many oportunities to work there,
you can check and scroll then classified as your experience and skill. good luck.

The 2 answers above a really great.
If answers are coming:

- Only Locals .... HCMC is not local to HCMC
- Only Vietnamese passport holders ...  looks like a great skill set
- I don't know about Cambridge University, we can't accept that

And upon reply to  such "dumb funny' emails, you get even permanently banned, but only in the believe of Vietnamworks experts.
I really hope, board members here, don't want that to recommend, not even to their enemy

PS: I am not searching a job, I just really want to figure out, where the bottom line of negative IQ's is
So far vietnamworks did bottom the three first in a sum.

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