Pet Cat Logistics

Hi, I am Nate and I am moving there to Da Nang very soon for a job.  I have a cat I need to bring.  I've had him since he was 6 weeks old so he's family and also there isn't really anyone here who can take him.  Definitely can't leave him at a shelter or with someone I don't know here. 

So I have made most of the preparations to get him ready to take there.  At this point, I am about to buy my airticket.    I am seeing some different information online about cats and airports in VN...

Question is this:  Is it possible to bring a cat directly to Da Nang airport internationally (ie flight coming from Narita, Japan)?  Or must pets from overseas arrive at Hanoi or HCMC?

Thanks in advance for anyone who knows and/or has brought a dog or cat to Da Nang.

ntbusch,  What did you find out?  I'm hoping to move there with my cat, come Summer.

You can definitely bring it through Da Nang directly.  I still got all the shots, paperwork things, etc, first.  Once in Da Nang, however, no one even checked ANY of it!! LOL.  The only thing that happened was they wanted me to put my bags through an X Ray at customs and I showed em one of the bags had a cat and they just waved me through.  That's not to say they wouldn't check your documents and that I wasn't just lucky but... yeah.


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