Exploring for potential move to Sosua, Cabarete area

My husband and I will be in Sosua June 30-July 4. This is a fact finding trip. We’ve been following this site for a few months and would love to meet with someone to pick their brain. Lots of questions.

An excellent way to begin your exploration. There are many good people here and I would listen to as many of them as possible.  Set up an on-going communication network. I would enjoy meeting with you & introducing you to  long time expats from various countries. Some have 30+ years in the DR. I moved here from the USVI. I have found a home for this errant Gypsy. Happy to give you my contact info, just ask.  Welcome to the site, read all the different threads. They are full of questions & answers to those questions. My name is Tamas Janda & I live in Sosua.  Retired from business, but not  retired from Life!


Was it you who reported a 1 bedroom r emit with Wi-Fi, electric, ETC.close to everything for $300.00 a month?  Where is it located?  Is it furnished? 

Advise via private message.

You are going to love getting your boots on the ground.

This post is from my direct experience in December. https://www.expat.com/forum/viewtopic.p … 39#4440326

I want to reiterate:

1) I saw the word "tour"
2) I said "no way in Hell"  (I imagined being in company I didn't enjoy, hearing what I didn't want to hear, seeing what was not so interesting to me)
3) Found out 'the tour. was ONE on ONE and just for whatever I wanted to see.
4) There was not a scintilla, a suggestion or a hint to sell me anything or even to steer me in any given direction.
5) I could not gleaned the same information on my own at 3X the expense.

Be back in about a month.

Happy Hunting,



Thanks but I am interested in the post within the past few days, from a local who made mention of a one bedroom apartment for only $ 300.00 USD per month.

Does anyone remember subject post and by who?  Kindly advise.

Thanks a bunch.

Sorry Bob,

But I haven't  been tracking that.





Bob that was Tinker referring to his apt.

To the OP, welcome to the forums.

You are starting well in advance to do research, good.for you. Lots of info on here for you to read and ask lots of questions. Closer to your visit post about meeting and see who is available!

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