Rejected from saudi council

I renewed my saudi council license and they returned it because they need the dataflow of my bachelors degree. So i did dataflow and it came out positive and uploaded it to mumaris. So after 3 weeks i got rejected. What will i do? Any idea?


what happened now on your application?


I went to saudi council, passed all the original documents there. Still waiting for the reply. Its been 3 weeks now

I was approved today also. I got a message regarding the payments method


you need to make another renewal application, they rejected my application twice so i reupload it again, hopefully on my 3rd try they approved it already

I was approved already. I went to saudi council and pass all same documents in hardcopy

Hi!!! Same thing with me, i went there, i am approved. I  paid already, so what will i do next??? Please guide me.

Pingyu do i have to go back to saudi council after the approval?? Its been a week since i paid sadad. I am checking everyday my mumaris but still same, expired

Just wait for 3-7 days. They will send u a message of approval. Then u can go to saudi council to get your card

You dont have to check on your mumaris. If there is a SMS for approval after payment then go back to saudi council and they will give your new card. Dont forget to bring your expired card

i just want to ask.  i am for renewal of saudi council next yr.  upon application last 2015 i send a fake coe then my previous hosp accepted me and process my paper and also give my saudi council.  so. nxt yr i am for renewal of saudi council.  in my data flow it is only license and education. now if saudi council or data flow ask for my coe is it ok to send other coe the one that is legit but different from the one i send before?  before i send hospital exp coe.  now im planning to send clinic exp coe which is legit.. help me pls.

wait lang. u have fake coe and then u have legit also? Di kita gets. Are u working with the same emoloyer since 2015?

If u have a legit coe, then better to pass that one. You will be the one to upload it in the system and ur employer will never know that u upload a different coe from
The one that u passed to

saudi council will not ask my present employer?

Ms. Pingyu101, can i ask help. i attached all the documents they ask me except for the dataflow result. I only have is the receipt from my previous employer. They reject it. And when i sent an email to dataflow they said visit the documentation department of scfhs. And from my present work now they said i have a problem with my local experience. Can i apply my saudi coe. To replace my local experience?

Well if your for a renewal just prepare the current coe, the previous coe , and etc

Is it really required to have 3yrs exp before you can renew your license? I only have 1yr exp (2016-2017) here in saudi then I went exit then go back here after 2months. The saudi council is asking me to submit 3yrs exp 2014-2017. Will they accept my 2016-2017 exp to renew my card? Pls reply thanks

How can i clear my name and get data flow result? I submitted COE to data flow but I changed the dates. Instead of 2005-2011, i put 2014-2017 because of my saudi council renewal. When the data flow emailed my previous work the HR staff told the data flow that i worked there from 2005-2011. I wannt to clear everthing and i want to aend the true COE so that i can have my data flow result. What will i do.. pls reply thanks

When did u pass your board exam? They will
Just ask u for that gap of there is any. You can justify to saudi council office if u didnt work for that certain years

Hi! I didn't really know how data flow works since it's my first time to work outside my country... I thought it was just a requirement before getting license here, which I already did. Now 3 years later and I have to renew my saudi council license and it requires PSV report. However, when I opened my profile it only shows completed but unable to share report due to issuing authority restriction. When I tried to contact dataflow group, they advised me to contact scfhs regarding this matter. When inquired through tawasul, they said that I should contact dataflow group for my report. I already set an appointment in scfhs office here in our city. My license will expire on jan 3 and it is also the closest day that I am available for an appointment so I set it on that day. I just want to ask if anyone had gone through the same procedure and did the scfhs provided the result.

I had the same scenario. My data flow result was unable to share result. It means they saw discrepancy on the certificates that you passed with data flow. The scfhs told me i cant renew my scfhs card anymore because i need final report. Once the result is "unable to share"you cant renew your license anymore. What the scfhs advised me is to go back to my country, have to work locally atleast one year and then do re-verification in data flow with your new work experience and take an exam again. Thats what happened to me. But you can still go to scfhs office to clarify things with them. "But trust me if you dont have final report, you cant renew your license anymore"

Aw, thanks for that... But did you go back immediately? Or did you finish your contravt with your employer? I don't think my current employer would let me leave immediately... We're very short of nurses because some are still on vacation... Will there be a problem if I continue on working for like 2 months or more?

Hi we almost have the same case i have a local coe for year 2015 to 2017 and got a negative psv result so i went back to my country after a year 2017 to 2018 of working in ksa and i work locally again for a year 2018-2019. May i ask if is it possible to do a reverification of my recent 1 year coe eventhough i have a negative result of previous psv ? I was just thinking that maybe dataflow will not process it since i have a problem in my previous psv? and really i can take another prometric exam? Thanks in advance 😊

I am not far as i know they will just focus their verification to the latest documents you will submit.

hi to everyone...can you advice my friend what she will do. she will renew her saudi council license next year. her problem is her dataflow results, they only put her education and school, if ever she will renew they will still want her coe? or they will verify again her coe so that she can dataflow results for her coe. thx in advance who may reply to this message.

I hope so. il try to do verification of my current coe .

i have an old expired saudi council technician registration. do i need to pay first the expired registration or directly i will go to re classification because i took specialist exam and passed.i want to re classify and register as specialist now.

what will i do. i jave also 11 months work gap.

Hi I think I have the same problem. Any update? Did you get a new data flow?

Hello maam/ application was rejected in saudi council...they said that my submitted experience does not match the submission requirements..
So i apply again and upload my prc license..and paid 200sr again.😔
What will i do? Im waiting again for the result😔
Pls help me..thankyou

Any idea about my saudi council.I went to riyadh also till now no reply  they will update my promotric result 3 month am waiting what can i do

So what happened now in your saudi council...bcoz i also have the same problem now..

They approved already after the 3rd one? Did u pay again for re application

No..i send a emal to saudi council im waiting for the about you what is your case?

I had my 2 years gap before I came back to saudi last 2016-2018, during that time my license was not renew by my employer.Now, i came back again last Feb 2019 and renewing my license and bcoz of the gap they are saying that i must go back to the Phils and work for at least a year and come back, but i send another letter to Tawasul and still waiting for the answer.


did u already renew your license?

It's ok now, after sending the same documents many times, they finally renewed my license...alhamdulillah

Hi, I have the same experience with this new Mumaris Plus my saudi council was expired last year August 2018 but when I am about to renew this year all of my info from my previous employer and my CME hours was not credited in old Mumaris system. As I applied for the classification(because I was not allowed for the registration or re-registration). When I received the e-mail it says that my classification was rejected and the reason was: others. What should I do next? Please help.

Hello i just want to ask i have my saudi council license and was expired February 2015 i have 5 years work gap experience.. and i was planning to go back to work in the kingdom.. i wanted to renew my question is can i renew it wen it was expired 4years ago or do i need to take a prometruc exam?? I am currently living in the kingdom.. I already have my data flow and registered in mumaris plus but didn’t got any response till now 😕

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