Tourist Visa Extension in Brazil

Hi everyone !
I came to Brazil for a non official internship (no paid, considered volunteering) on a Tourist Visa. Since I'm portuguese, I still have the right for an extra 90 days Visa extension.

I've had trouble finding what documents I need to bring to Policia Federal to get that extension, but I'm afraid one of them might be the Entry/Exit card which I lost....

For those who've requested an extension in the past, do you remember what documents they asked you ?
If ever they ask for that Entry/Exit card, is there any way to get a new one ?

Without that extension the beginning of my career is probably ruined since I have to go home without ending my internship.
Thanks for you help !


You shouldn't have a problem.  The Entry/Exit Card seems to be passing out of use; some airlines don't even distribute them anymore.  Your entry stamp shows the date of your arrival.  If the FP ask, just tell them you lost it, and look contrite.

If you entered Brazil on your Portuguese passport, you're right:  you get a 90 day extension.  If you entered on a French passport, however, there's no extension.  If you can't convince the FP to let you stay, you may need to leave the country and come back in on your Portuguese passport.

I'm not French, I only used the Portuguese passport. Do you know if this extension procedure is complicated ? Do they refuse it arbitrarily ?

By all reports here, it seems to be pretty automatic, as long as you request it before your current visa expires.  Especially since you're a fluent Portuguese speaker, I wouldn't anticipate any problems at all.

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