Expat.com gathering in KL

Dear expats,

What do you think about meeting and hanging out with other fellow expats who share similar circumstances as you?  :par:

We would like to help facilitate friendly and casual encounters between expats in Kuala Lumpur.

In order to achieve that, we are looking for a venue in town, with a warm atmosphere and a setting that allows for social interactions, and food and drinks at reasonable prices. If you know of anything that fits this description, please let us know here.

We hope that this idea will encourage and motivate expats who are interested in expanding their social circles !

The Little Wonton Cafe in TTDI is a great, chilled place to mingle. Food is very cheap, but no alcohol as its Halal friendly. Lot's of bars nearby, so those who fancy a beer afterwards can go and grab a cold one.

My fiancee and I moved to KL a couple of months ago, we would be very keen to attend something like this.

Hello survey_sam,

Thanks for you answer, for the first event in Kuala Lumpur we have already chosen the place, it will be at Troika Sky Dining, but we keep in mind the places you mention for the other ones we will organise :)

Hope you will come the 19th of July at the Expat.com event KL

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