Duration of USA B-2 visa

Hi Friends,
For how long US B-2 visa is issued ?

Maximum stay is 6 months. I suggest you use Google and find the information to confirm this.

I searched in official website in which the duration was not specified.
On different forum people had discussed this issue. Some one got it for 10 years and some for 1 year which looks to me unbelievable. This is the reason that I am confused.

I found the information in less than a minute on Google. I just typed "US B2 visa period of stay" into my search engine.

https://travel.state.gov/content/travel … sitor.html

Officer at POA can issue I94 up to 180 days not 6 months.

180 days is 6 months

stumpy :

180 days is 6 months

This assumption can, and has increasingly done so recently, lead to overstay.

Any one could suggest me how to get visit visa valid for 10 years?

You can get B-2 visa issued for 10 years depending on the circumstances and background of the application. However, maximum duration of stay is 180 days and as this is a visitor visa, if you're considering staying significant time with multiple entries, you will likely come under close scrutiny from CBP officers.

10 year visa (non-immigrant) allowing you to live in the USA doesn't exist.

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