accommodation research in Ipoh and Penang

I am from Sydney, Australia. In about 3 years I will be retiring. Moving to Malaysia is as a real possibility for better retirement which I am currently researching. This coming October I will be travelling to Ipoh and Penang to have a look at what Malaysian life is like and if it can suit me in principle. As a part of my travel, I would like to have a real estate agent take me to popular expatriate retirement places and show me what is available and at what prices. I don't know at the moment how to arrange this thing. Should I contact real estate agents directly through their websites or arrange it by some other means? Should I offer a day fee for taking me around or else?
I would appreciate any advice on how to approach property agents in Malaysia and get them show me what I would like to see.
My idea is to settle somewhere more or less comfortable for at least a few months and, from there, continue researching other places in Malaysia if they suit me any better. Ipoh is good for its central location, and Penang - as the most popular expat destination :).
Thanks a lot, Sergey

The key to living/retiring in Malaysia is immigration and the Malaysia My 2nd Home is the only real option. There are agents that arrange the application and they can also advise on rental property hunting. For Penang take a look at this website for general information

Thanks Gravitas. Very useful link indeed, how did I overlook it in my search :)?
My retirement is at least 3 years away, no need to think of MM2H yet.  I just want to get a good idea what it is like living there, and accomodation is, of course, a major thing to look at. I will contact someone from and ask them how I can see accomodation examples when I am there. cheers

If you join Facebook Group "Expats in Penang" there are some good agents on there. But they mainly assist in the area from George Town northwards (where most of the retiree expats live).

Just a note on MM2H. It's sometimes easier to get it pre-retirement while earning a salary because of the income requirements. Be aware that prior to the change in Government a month ago, there were plans to hike the fixed deposit considerably. So getting in before any changes might be beneficial. Having said that, the new government may not implement the previous plans - so everything is up in the air.

Thanks again for a tip. I will be keeping my eye on the rules and any changes. If they turn too difficult and restrictive at the time, well ... will be looking at other expat opportunities. The world is a big place and I am not spoilt or too demanding, surely will find a good-enough place for myself :)

Sri Lanka has a very simple expat visa. … mp;lang=en

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