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Hi guys I am a south African Indian  , living in s a however things are gettn bad here Indians being murdered daily no jobs no care for us and I wanna move to Mauritius can anyone assist me with requirements as I am a construction worker with over 18 years of experience I will be bringing my wyf n 2 kids .

Hi Rishie m. welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear about your situation . Well you will be needing a work permit, hence a job. Read the following article for more details : Work permit for Mauritius

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Hi tnx for the response , .

Hi All, any connections in the Tyre industry that I may be able to contact? My background is actually banking, but I have been involved in the tyre industry for the past 3-4 years specifically with On-site Tyre management. I look after the tyres and tyre related issues on various sites, mainly bakeries in South Africa.

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