Living in Chengdu starting Nov'18

Hi guys,

I am Yoshi, from Malaysia and got a job offer in Chengdu. I haven't accepted the offer but decided do research a few things before i actually confirm :) Can i ask you a few things regarding relocation?

1. How much is the average rental we can find there and how about the rental deposit? Is it easy to get a room rental there for expats like us?
2. Whats the average expenditure per day for food/transportation?
3. How many percentage of Income Tax they will deduct from our salary?
4. Is there any other deductions besides these?

Sorry for the long questions. Hope to get a reply from you soon. Thank you so much!! :D


have you found the job, l can offer you one jod as a english teacher

its a good place to live in; life cost is ok, not very expensive , like prices are quite reasonable depending on your life style

Alice Hou :

have you found the job, l can offer you one jod as a english teacher

I am interested in the english teacher position

Hello Yoshi
1. As for the rental in Chengdu, it depends on where you want to live,  how many bedrooms you want and how the decoration you prefer. Anyway, it can cheapest as 2000RMB for a 2 bedroom, or expensive as 20000RMB. I am from real estate company and delivered relocation service to hundreds of expats. It is not a problem for expats to rent an apartment here. If you need any help, please contact me through wechat:xiao-huahua1312 or facebook: hua chen.
2. The living cost in Chengdu is not high, you could survive with 2000RMB for food and transportation.
3. And the tax is from 3% to 45% depends on how much you earn.
4. You also need to consider about utility fee, management fee for your flat, internet fee, etc, but these are not too much, basically not more than 1000RMB if your flat is not too big.

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