North Face or similar duffel bag

Hello. I will be relocating to Phnom Penh in September from Vietnam. I bought a cheap "North Face" duffel which has worked very well for me here in Hanoi for several trips. I am not sure that I will bring that bag along with my backpack when I leave Vietnam later this year. I will need a smaller bag for week long trips, flights, bus trips, etc. Is it easy to find carry on luggage like duffel bags? I admit to getting a fake bag here in Hanoi but it has served well with no defects and I only spent $15 US on it. Can you let me know if there are comparable places like here around Hoan Kiem Lake to find travel backpacks at cheaper rates? I also don't mind buying the real thing if there is an outlet store.

Thanks for any suggestions about places i should look after arriving.


PP is a big city with a number of shopping malls, quite a lot of markets where you can buy everything.

Russian market is related to tourists, Central market has a lot to offer, Night market is interesting.

So plenty of opportunities to buy what you are looking for.

Good luck.

Cambodia expert team

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