Our family is planning on buying a place in Bordeaux, but do not yet know the area well.  While we would prefer city center, the prices are increasing rapidly.  Could someone please tell me what the nicest close-in suburbs are?  Also, what neighbourhoods in Bordeaux are nice, outside of the hyper center?   How is the Bastide these days? 

We have a few days to explore the city coming uo. 

Any insights are very much appreciated.  Thank you.

Hello, I am in the process of moving to the Bordeaux area also, about 50 minutes from the city since I need land for my horses. IMO, everyone is different and has different taste and criteria. The best way for you is to spend time here and explore the whole region. The best place for YOU will become obvious. Enjoy the process!

We arrived here 10 years ago. We rented a place for the first 18 months before buying as we didn't know the city at all. We ended up in Mérignac.

Thank you for your response.  I will check out Merignac when I visit this summer.

Thank you for your response. I realise everyone has different tastes, but I was hoping for to understand the personalities of the different neighbourhoods in Bordeaux from those on who know it well.

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