Self-Employed in Vietnam

Hello there!

I'm Mauro Scattolini, Italian web designer/developer and professional photographer. I'm currently living in Montreal but I might face a denial of my immigration application, even if I have a good job contract with one of my client (the government is quite picky - understandable). Anyway, long story short, if I'm not staying here I'm willing to move somewhere else, and Vietnam might be the place. At the same time I'm willing to close my business in Italy since taxes are going to be crazy.

I was wondering if it's possible to work as self-employed in Vietnam (since I'll be still working for two of my clients - as a professional with a sense of responsibility there no way on earth I can ditch them!)
I've tried to look into VISA and so on, also sent an email to the VISA support (Vietnam gov. website), but couldn't find anything useful.

Does anyone of you know something about that?

Thank you


Too bad, the only nice time of year in Quebec!
You can stay here on a tourist visa, and do border runs every 3 months.
If you are thinking about Vietnam because of French language, you won't find much anymore.

Digital nomad websites and forums will give you more ideas and comparisons of other countries that are good for doing remote work too.
Google "digital nomad vietnam".

Hello Gobot,

No, no french, I speak only italian and english so, not a big deal and I would rather learn Vietnamese than french. I've also read about border runs, but I can't. I mean having a business in Italy (in 2/3 years I'll be paying something like 50% of the income in taxes), has no point. LLC taxation in Vietnam is around 20% which might still be more convenient for me to open a company. I'll inquire also for Cambodia, since Laos seems to be bit frustrating for the timing.

But most probably I'll come with a tourist Visa and workout everything from there.

Anyway thank you for your suggestion!

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