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I want to put a fence around my property in Lliria to keep my dogs in (in the process of buying it). I read that there can be strict regulations about putting fences up - does anyone know what they are or who I would ask? Also are people booked up months in advance for this type of job or is it something I can do quickly, once I own the property?

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Hi Aysha,

You need to visit Lliria’s townhall to apply for a license or permission to put the fence.
For that you need to bring:

1) last IBI (property tax) paid, and just in case you can’t find it your “Escritura” (Property title deed signed in the Notary office).

2) A project, budget or quotation of the cost of the fence describing the material (metal, wood, etc) and dimensions. If you are doing it yourself you can bring a price quotation from “Leroy Merlin” or similar place.

Regarding the time it takes them to grant you permission it dependes on your property status, place, etc but it shouldn’t take long, actually most times it’s quick.

I can go with you as an interpreter and assist you to apply and fulfill all requirements to have permission, as I go regularly to Lliria to help my clients with paperwork we could go ASAP.

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Hi everyone,

@ Jesus, will you be charging a fee for your help ?


Thank you Jesus, that's really helpful. I will have to wait to own the property before going to the townhall.

Hi Bahvna,

Yes, at least I would cover my petrol cost going to Lliria. Is it forbidden to offer services in forums?

If so, I will modify my answer and remove it.

I thought I could offer my services as there are classified adverts too in expat.com

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You can place a free advert in the classified section.  The open forum is not set up for advertising of any kind and so this is not allowed here.

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