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i am indian.. i am in relation with mauritian woman.. she has permanant govt job in mauritius.. we want to marry and i want to stay in mauritius with her.. then i will find options to get job or do business.. how can i proceed.. how can i get married to her? is it better to bring her to india, get married in india and then entre mauritius? or to get married in mauritius is better? how to register marriage in mauritius? what documents i need? then how to apply for resident permit? what documents are required for that?

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I don't know whether it is better to get married in India or Mauritius, however, here are the formalities for Mauritius : … gners.aspx

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Thanks a lot.. i will read...

I read.. its about marriage registration.. got almost all the information about registering marriage..  thanks u very much. now i want information about getting resident permit after marriage..

Here it is : … ermit.aspx


Thank u very very much bhavna ji.. i guess all these offices are in port louis..

You're welcome. Yes indeed they are all in Port Louis.

U need to collect
Birht certificate
Bank statement for last three months or pay slip for last three months
Electricity bill for last month to confirm it residential address
U have to show 1500$ in cash or bank statement
U have to acquire Police character certificate sign from ur district and local police ( should written that u r clear from any crime)
Send these documents to ur loved one in Mauritius
She will submit in PIO to issue ur marriege visa
In a month ur visa will be issued then
To Mts
And re news all the the mentioned papers
And come along with . Renew means . Bank statement or pay slip and electricity bill.
Don't 4get to bring ur parents ID copy

Good luck

Thanks.. cant i get marriage visa direct on immigration counter?

If you are already in Mauritius on other visa rather than marriage then u need to show the above mentioned papers on counter then it may take one month to be confirm to issue ur marriage visa. they will call you once it confirm and u can collect your self or ur fiance.
if you are already in Mauritius inbox me will try to give u hints in detail.

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