Consultancy job in Kuwait - Left KSA on bad terms few years go

Hi guys,

I'm a European chef, a few years ago I lived in KSA but had to get out as I was in a relationship with a Saudi girl and the earth got a bit hot under my feet.

I ended up having to leave with no time to sell my car which was a lease.

My questions are: Would the car lease come back to bite me in the ass if I were to touch down in Kuwait for a consultancy gig?
Would my family in law have any ability to make my life difficult if they found out I was in Kuwait for a few days on a business visa?
I was never physically caught together with the girl, so other than not fulfilling my car lease I would have no criminal record in KSA, I left because the girl's family made threats and because of their high status I took them seriously.

Would anyone perhaps have a reliable lawyer they can recommend to enquire about this?

Any help is highly appreciated

Call me tomorrow *** (any time) or give me your contact number. I will call you

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