Please HELP, plan to get PACs but we are stuck!

Dear all,
I am a british national by naturalised and was born in Indonesia.
My bf and I intend to enter into a civil partnership (PACs) here in Blagnac . We have been in the process for 6 months and we are hitting the dead end.
We have provided all the docs and any translations as required.They want a copy of my birth certificate dated within 6 months. I have my original Indonesian birth certificate dated when I was born which is not acceptable for them obviously. Indonesian embassy refused to issue me one because I am no longer an Indonesian citizen as well as British Consulate because when I was born I was not a British citizen.
I provided the Mairie of Blagnac my naturalisation certificate and explained I used this doc in the UK as an alternative of birth certificate and explained in order to obtain the certificate of custom i have to provide few docs including this certificate. They are still insisting for a copy of birth certificate be provided.
So someone has suggetsed to seek a mediator in the city hall for a help but the lady at the city hall said its a waste of time because the mediator will not be able to help.
I need some advices from anyone who has experienced or know someone who did in a similar situation.

I thank you in advance for any comments and suggestons.

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