Ma, I am coming Home

HI all,
Great forum filled with knowledge and great people willing to share their  stories. A little background. I was born in the DR and moved to the states in '86 as a 12 year old with my mother. Over the years, I somewhat infrequently visited the island but never considered making it a home.
Now as a 45 year old with a wife and two college aged children we have decided to start building our forever home with hopes to move within 6 years. This will allow the kids time to graduate college and roughly 2 years to establish themselves as working professionals.
What sparked this renowned love for my hometown you ask in what may seem as rash decision? A few things actually. My wife and I have had several conversations about moving out of the NYC metro area when the children became adults and have considered several places. Western NY, GA, FL, AZ were among the top contenders. Moving out of our NY home was already in the plans in or around similar time frame to allow our kids time to establish themselves. Earlier this year, my maternal grandmother passed away at the wonderful age of 90. She was the Matriarch of the family was who we all aspired to be as adults. Strong, kind, loving and most of all, a person who you can call at any time of day or night and she will help regardless of what anyone needed. After spending a week in the DR, i got reacquainted with the country and was reminded how great life there is once you realize what is truly important.
I say all this to say that we started building a home in DR and expect to have it ready by Christmas. The goal is to move inside of 6 years as originally planned. We expect to vacation there twice or trice yearly in the mean time.
Look forward to hearing other's journey into the DR and stories of what lead them to move to DR.

What a great story! Welcome to the forums!!!

It will be an amazing adventure for your entire family! We are here to help if we can.

Where are you building! What part of the country!

We are building in Tenares, just outside of San Francisco de Macoris. Work starts tomorrow and the builder is an active WhatsUp(er). He did a walk of the site today and video called me from there just to show me the nature of the work he will be doing this week. Plans to Video call me at the end of each work day. He built my aunt's home a few years ago and does great work. He encourages the clients to be involved at every stop via video and is very open to our HGTV-inspired ideas. lol.

As soon as I read the title of your post, I knew that I would enjoy it. I was right. Please keep posting keeping all of us up to date. A joyous welcome to the forum & to your return to your island. My journey to this place was a vastly different path. The underlying sense of humor & reality is a happy addition to the site.  You have a very rare builder, he is a true treasure.  Again welcome & thank you for showing that great experiences abound in the DR.

I will ask you to post your building updates, what you learn, what surprises you etc. Would likely help a lot of people.

Indeed. Fully plan to. Thus far I am impressed with this builder. He came highly recommended by my aunt and uncle who used his services when building their home. They were in a similar situation as I am as they were living abroad at the time the work was being performed. When I went to meet with him some 6 weeks ago, he arranged to take me to about 5 homes he had recently built for people who lived in the town and also who lived in NY. Gave us several ideas on what was more economical for us as far as home size and took the time to plan ahead to think of an impending situation those in our mid 40s will face in 10 years...Aging. LOL. Ill post pics and vids as allowed and available as well as lessons learned.

Awesome honey that would be so helpful to others. And will most likely be entertaining as well.

The clearing continues. He has been updating me daily thus far of work done on premises. … DmkQegCKko … nUsB8br3Fw … a5jsyneQDl … mdFQbydD1W

Super excited. work is moving along on the new place. The builder has been in constant communication with us. Very pleased with the progress. … KwGjTnnkcU … d59AG9RvHK … _BfM2RVHS2 … 7RM4njZK5O … j3gAY04Wtk

Update: Got a call today from the builder to inform me that the verja (14 ft height) around the perimeter is complete and the structure is at nivel de plato. So by this week's end God willing, they will be putting a roof over the structure. He will be sending a video tomorrow to keep me up updated. This guy calls me on Sunday;s to give me a scope of the work planned for the week and on Friday evenings to give me an update on what was actually accomplished during the week .
Both my wife and i  will be going Sept 11 to meet with him to look at progress and to go pick out finishing. Cabinets, flooring, tejas, doors, windows and the dreaded metales for the windows, doors and marquecina along with the puerton (main gate)  to enter the property. I will be bringing with me the master bathroom and kitchen faucets as i get them at a discount from Lowes. (picked up a part time job to help with costs and to get the discount on certain things. I like Moen and Delta brand for faucets.) I will also be bringing the sump pump for the cistern to pump water to the Tinaco on roof.  im rambling, but im also very excited. 
God willing the home will be ready on or around Dec 22 when we plan to go back and do a final walk-through with the builder.  Thereafter the goal is to take two yearly vacations of 2 weeks to get acclimated in preparation for the final move.

Sounds lime great progress. Thank you for the updates!

Update, August 9. Going down in 32 days. But who is counting. We're very happy with the overall process. Have ran into a few minor issues which the builder has had a solution by the time he called me to notify me. This guy is the truth and is very transparent. … sp=sharing … sp=sharing … ph7oyf-yPB … Fpcuou5lIb … TJEQsa3hQG … VQxT0lJGeR … -1oPJLsCyp … LPyGad-iT7

Good to hear!!!

its been a few weeks since I've posted pics and updated this thread. All of the stucco has now been completed and rough plumbing and electric is now being completed. Should have more update pics in a few days.  A few pics below. its slowly becoming a home. … i_aFlUolyT … Uvwy9m7mp9 … LI6Gwof6BG … pmEzkIlu7n … W7KmX5gFBh … 9oNF1Hzw4X … SyKuQlWS3U … rALd2Yhj_X … 4Y5UP5e5s3

Thanks for updating us. It's coming along!!!

congratulations (que dios los bendiga)

Through which shipping company(dominican??) are you sending your stuff for the house?


Hi. I actually haven’t gotten that far into the project. I am still some time away from that step. I did call a place in Long Island who quoted me a flat fee of $7,600 dollars for a 40 foot container. Of it fits it ships type scenario. I’d have to pack and load items into container. They give 10 days for you to fill it then they come get it and do the same in DR for you to unload. I’m sure in DR of you pay those guys they will unload and bring intobhouse. Here they said no.

Run from them!!! Price is way too high (2x too much)  There are shipping companies who will load & unload door to door. Where are you shipping from? Distance costs more as you are aware of. DO YOUR research!!!  If from Florida, check out Luchianos.  I have shipped much smaller things several times with them. Good prices and safety of my things. Main office is in Miami.  Take your time to find the best deal for yourself.  It can be done, patience required.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, i agree that the price is very high. But like i said, i have not reached that point where i am focusing energy into shipping companies. Once we're at that point, I will do my due diligence and find the most affordable and best rated company. i am 60 miles north west of NYC.

60 miles NW ?  Went to college a little further North of there, New Paltz. What town? Many friends in the area.

Establish contact with potential service providers. You'll be entered in their data bases. Let them know it will be down the road before you may need them.  They then will know hat you are not just a tire kicker or looky-loo. Part of the art of negotiation is getting the seller to spend time with you. It gives you a "Face" so to speak, not just a voice on the phone.  The short time that you spend with the different companies is well woth the effort. Take the names of those you speak to, ask for them on any follow up contacts. It won't take much to weed out the chaff.  Buying a car, a toaster oven, furniture, it doesn't matter, you will find the best solution to your search.  I'm just an old Tuba farting his thoughts.

Ha, New Paltz, know it well. Worked one town over in Highland for a time. We are presently in Beacon on the east side of the Hudson just across from Newgburg.

Thank you. yes, i worked in retail for a time and am a true believer in establishing relationships with those who i do business with. Especially in this digital age where most are faceless. Keep making that tuba fart pal, we need guidance from those with more knowledge!!!

Split Rock & Low Falls, the nude swimming spots, frigid water, but who cared. P&G's & the Pink Spot.  In Highland there was a mostly black bar called Marie's.  Great R/R & jazz. Joe's East-West.  All a long time ago. the 60's, early 70's.  Have a brother in Cold Springs. High school in Croton so know Beacon area.  Let's cook something soon before I'm 100% blind.

Know P&Gs very well actually . used to go there for drinks all the time. I drive through Cold Springs every day twice a day. Amazing how small the world has become. LOL.

Katwillny, you are way too young to remember a leather shop named the Earth Exchange  next door to P&G's . It was in the very early "70s. I often hitched my horse to the parking meter in front of my shop.

Ma, Im coming Home...Tuesday!!!
Super excited 'yall. Flying down this Tuesday to go see progress in person and to meet with cabinet maker, electrician, plumber to pick out finishing. Its beginning to look like a home. it will be a short trip but it will be a packed one.

So happy for you. So few people get to design & know their home from the ground up. So many have to make do with anothers' plans & try to make it their own.  For some it only has to be comfortable, supplying the basic needs. Alas, so many have no choice at all.  Enjoy the adventure before you, there is nothing to match the pleasure of seeing a dream rise from the bare earth & become your home. Please keep us inforned as it becomes a home.  Thank you.

After a very quick 5 day trip home, I am even more excited to have began this journey. i was once again reminded why I love my hometown. Staying in my grandmother's house i sensed a great peace. Though there was a lot to do in the short time, i felt very little stress while sitting in her house. Once all the runnning around with the builder ended at the end of each day, i came home to her house and just sat and contemplated on life and what this journey and eventually living here will mean to me and my wife. I am very happy with the progress.

So good to hear!!!

Our minds are like banks.  But we don't always have the choice of what is deposited.  Sometimes the necessary withdrawals can be a long painful process.  You are now able to fill your bank with good & wonderful currency. You are blessed.  Please keep posting, thank you.

10/5/18 update!!!.
Progress continues at the house soon to be home. Got a Video call from the builder earlier today inform me on this weeks progress. House has been primed both in and out. The cabinets and interior doors are being fabricated. Window measurements have been recorded and fabrication of windows in underway. Cement subfloor has been installed in all rooms with the exception of marquesina which they plan to finish tomorrow if not Monday. Rough electrical and plubming done. Tejas will be installed next week, they are late on tejas by one week due to weather. Super excited to be doing down November 14 to see progress for myself. Though he is great at keeping me updated, i want to see for myself and tweak anything which needs tweaking. … G4Ay-R9ucj … FoR1e1QZ6D … 7peLOvODCK … 63ax9E-sGt … RnATaCaGbm
More to come.

the tinker40 :

Our minds are like banks.  But we don't always have the choice of what is deposited.  Sometimes the necessary withdrawals can be a long painful process.  You are now able to fill your bank with good & wonderful currency. You are blessed.  Please keep posting, thank you.

So true indeed. our proverbial bank has been enriched by this experience. We have learned so much about ourselves and this experience has rekindled something in both of us that often gets dimmed by the worries of the mundane. We have been parents since roughtly 14 months since we started dating and havent really had time to ourselves and this experience has granted us an insight of what could be once the children as self sufficient and on "their" own. Though we know darn well, that being a parent never ends. But a light its steadily approaching and this time doesnt feel like its a train barreling towards us. lol.
thus far the project has been exiting and enlightening.

Great stuff.  I really appreciate you sharing your experience with us!  We hear so much of the bad experiences it's nice to get this side!!

Hi All,
took my usual Tuesday night to Sunday afternoon trip this past week and had an excellent time. Got to spend time and meet great people. Its now become a tradition that the Saturday night before i fly back to the States, a bunch of us gather at Abuela's house and have spend time listening to music and having a few drinks. Nothing beats hanging out in the galeria of her house.
Spent some time with the builder and the workers and they are making great progress. Bit of a long video below but I wanted to capture the essence of the house. For those who believe in aura and energy, I am really growing fond of this place, there is something spiritual about waking up every morning and spending time alone in this house before the workers get there. Very serene and peaceful, like my soul knows that this is where i belong.  She is still rough, but she is coming along very nicely. … h00F5F1ddf

Wow, thanks for sharing. Good stuff, coming along nicely!

Some progress on the build. Got an update today. Doors and windows are in. Stucco and primer is in on both the house and verja. And the Much Dreaded IRONWork is in. Living IN DR.....hate those bars... they will eventually be painted white for the interior ones and black for the verja y galeria. Going next weekend to see progress. … br38-vz1qE … L909436003 … 8PNGGvldmF … a7C_JPNJNG … v2Nerp0oWh … sfIlI-Ir-j … FnMZDCtQtD … wapkqvgDMJ … hdAwuzTqo_

Awesome!  By the way the bars etc just become normal after  a while. You will barely notice. And one day, maybe, you will be really glad you have them!

Thanks again for keeping us updated!

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