Married couple, unemployment benefits/job

Hi . need info for none eu friend.

His wife did job like ten years then lost job and get sick.she get money from job center.

After coming her husband in Germany job center pay for him as well . becuse he is doing intergeration course.

Question is when he start job then job center not pay him more ,what about his wife ,she will get money from job center or  not, becuse she not able to do job more.

Or is there any limit when he earn up to the limit then job center stop his wife money or when he not cross the limit job center help them.

Thanx in advance.

If a household in Germany does not have enough money to survive, the Jobcenter pays the survival minimum (called HartzIV).
Once the household earns enough to survive on its own means (no matter where it is coming from), the payments are stopped.
If the household earn something, but not enough to survive, the paymnts will be reduced in order to only cover the shortfall to the survival minimum.

Since I assume your friend earns enough for him and his wife to live on (and they live in the same household), the Jobcenter will not pay any more. Why should they if the couple now has enough?

Thank u so much for reply.these things not easy to understand.they have some debet and as well non eu have to care his parents who they not live in Germany he have to send money to them for survive.

I guess there is no minimum amount that show if  he earn  for example after tax 1500 euro then job center not pay if he earn less then job center help them with little bit money .

At all much thank u with this form people get lot of help

The rules and calculations are quite complicated, but in general the Jobcenter pays the shortfall to a minimum survival rate (which is around EUR800/month per person).
Payments to relatives who aren't even in Germany are definitely not considered - and the Jobcenter also does not do any debt relief. (Why should the German state pay for such things???) But as long as the couple is on HartzIV, the debtors and the relatives cannot enforce payments, so they should just stop paying.

Thank you so much for ur precious information.

Per the JobCenter, they do not care how your money is being used . You mentioned that the husband attends Integration courses and money is being sent abroad.. that being said, if the money is used, and you do not have anything left than you cannot complain. We all have to manage our money properly to live.

For example, when living in the USA, they weren't this generous. The most they gave someone was 192$ on a cash card for food. You didn't have any money towards your health insurance, your housing, schooling, family had to rely on religious organizations to help you and or credit cards.

As for debt, Germany has special social workers that can help you on these matters.

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