Hey everyone,
I moved in march in GOthenburg and I applied in 1st April for personalnumber.. i call everyday and they say to me next week is coming but still nothing i am really worried.

Go visit the office again. That's quite long time actually.

My husband had to wait his personnummer 6 months  and i had 1 week. So everyone is different. Well just wait. No need to worry. Just ask to the office. Good luck

Been here since October 2017. Still waiting.....and I am an EU national.

It's surprising it has taken that long. I went with all my documents when I applied. The lady asked me for my docs so I showed her my docs, she made a copy and done. Monday I had applied, Friday evening I had it in my mail. I had a problem with my date of birth but it was also sorted out within a week. Just visit the office and make a polite inquiry.

Wow. But did they say something? Why?

Every case is different and of course, it also depends on which office is used. All you have to be is patient.

Just that the whole process can take longer at this time of year.......which did make me smile. What time of year? I have been waiting for 7 months.
My partner came out first. He has a number. We have bought land. He has started a company.
Skatteverket say I can work and my money can be paid into his bank account. So I have a home, a job......and when I have a number my name can be added to the paperwork for the land and business. I have not come here to take from Sweden. We provide jobs etc.

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