Advice needed on 90 day stay ( uk citizen)

Hi i need some advice please,i been staying in belgium with my new girlfreind and now my 90 days is soon up.i know i must leave after the 90 days but what i like to know is when i can return to belgium again to see her,i would like to return as soon has i can .
im from the uk is there any time limit i must stay away for. thanks

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I wish i could help as I am looking for smilar answer as if i cant find a job ill only be allowed there 90 days

The Schengen tourist visa is 90 days in, 90 days out.

I've now been told if ur a uk cit you can stay as long as u want due to the rules of the eu. Person said as fallows

You're a member of the EU - and so are they. You are free to travel and work without limits - you're entitled to free healthcare etc. All you need to do is register at the town hall within 8 days of arriving.
All people who plan to stay in Belgium for more than three months are considered residents and must prove that they are entitled to reside in Belgium." - by being an EU citizen you are entitled to reside in Belgium for as long as you like and where you like, employed or non employed. If you were a NON-EU citizen (American, Russian, African, Asian etc) you'd need a work permit or visa - i.e. a job.Trust me on this one - EU law is the only reason I can stay in this country! (as in uk)
It's absolutely true if you'd come from the US - maybe she's confused re: EU laws? It's very confusing, I know, but it's great - gives you all of Europe as your play ground (bar Switzerlnd)
The beauty of EU laws is that they go in ALL EU countries just the same - they can't circumvent them. If you moved to Sweden, you'd be entitled to free university etc after registering there. I'm entitled to UK Student grants and JSA - it's all because of EU laws ;)

Yeah, EU citizens are free to move around within the EU...

So basically I am not constricted by the 90 days stay

Not as far as I am aware. The UK likes to try and act like it's not part of the EU, and it isn't part of Schengen, but like it or not it is in the EU, so...

True theres the EU and there England

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