Getting Desktop PC from Sydney to Siem Reap

We’ve been given quite a few Desktop PCs for a school we help support just out of Siem Reap.
Can anyone offer advice on the most cost effective way of getting them to PP or SR.
We can pick them up and deliver and set them up when there.
Many thanks for any assistance and advice you may have


I did it by mail, sending a computer from my home country (The Netherlands) at the cost of 90 Euro's. DHL was far more expensive.

[at]Sidewalker, by sending in the mail, did this go through customs?
- Were there import duties charged?  And about how much?

No, I picket the computer (new) up at the post office with out any payments. But I read also on a forum that some one has to pay 25% import duty on a laptop send to P.P. I don't know how he send it.
So be care full.

The OP is not talking about one desktop, but about "quite a few".

It seems to me that it would involve a real shipment, on a pallet, in a container, whatever.

DHL, Fedex are experienced in this but not cheap.

Add the import tax of 25% on the new value of the goods, then it might be cheaper to purchase used desktops here locally. But It's a matter of calculating costs.

Good luck.

Cambodia expert team

Thanks for all the info
We’ve got access to a lot is PC’s for distribution around Siem Reap
Maybe we’ll get them sent over via a courier and store them until we find a home for them

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