Police Clearance for immigration

Hi there!
Just want to ask if nz immigration will accept statutory declaration in lieu of expired police clearance certificate taken in Saudi Arabia. Anyone could have tried it already or have known about its process?
Thank you.

Hi Orchards, they will ask for an up to date Police clearance. A statutory declaration means nothing. We do have a Saudi consulate in Auckland if you are already here in NZ. Immigration NZ will not accept a statutory declaration as proof in lieu. (Im studying toward Post Graduate Diploma in Immigration ~ exp. grad. 2020)

Well thanks a lot for that information. It is a long process though..🙁

While you're being answered, I would add an additional comment that if you're not currently in Saudia and unable to get a certificate, you could probably contact the nearest embassy wherever you are and obtain a clearance letter from there itself based on the information (Visa/resident card and Iqama) that they would ask for. A similar situation happened to one of my known fella back in Qatar and he was able to resolve the same.

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