Best season to move to Panama


Many expats choose to move to Panama at a specific time of the year, and we invite you to share some tips about the best seasons to move to the country.

What is the best season/time of the year to move to Panama, and why?

How do rent prices fluctuate based on the different seasons?

Is there a change in the job market depending on the seasons, such as job availability?

Are there any seasonal festivals or cultural events that would allow you to learn about the country?

What are the times of year to avoid for expatriation to Panama?

During which season did you move? How did it go?

Thank you for sharing your experience,


seasons in panama ?? two, wet and dry . it is not when you move it is that you move. i have lived here 17 years  in panama city , in the interior , now in chorrerra panamas like 4th  largest city.  i have acclimated my self to the climate as i do not need air conditioning to live , some cannot . i have chosen to live higher up than my surrounding either in a high rise in the city to a hill top over looking beautiful lake gatun. i have ceiling fans in all rooms , large windows and plenty of shad , insulation and draperies that can be used to block the sun etc. i welcome the rainy season as it is cooler , greener , less tourists .. but after a few weeks of it get tired of the rain jajajaja never satisfied huh ?? i have known about as many that have come and gone as stay ,, but those that don't make it usually will not be satisfied any place they move .

You are so right Mike, we came from Australia and love it here In Chiriqui, the rain gets a bit much but on the whole love it.

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