Best season to move to China


Many expats choose to move to China at a specific time of the year, and we invite you to share some tips about the best seasons to move to the country.

What is the best season/time of the year to move to China, and why?

How do rent prices fluctuate based on the different seasons?

Is there a change in the job market depending on the seasons, such as job availability?

Are there any seasonal festivals or cultural events that would allow you to learn about the country?

What are the times of year to avoid for expatriation to China?

During which season did you move? How did it go?

Thank you for sharing your experience,


I think that it is pretty much a good time to move to China at just about anytime EXCEPT during the CNY (Chinese New Year).  The Chinese are a pretty decent set of folk, and they will tend you be very helpful to you regardless of where you came from or what your situation is.

During CNY, most will be away from their homes and visiting relatives and friends. They will not have time to make new friends of meet new people.  Where you live, and your adjustment to it, is aptly determined by the friendships that you make.

We can move all around the world, visit all kinds of places, but it is the people and our experiences that will determine the kind of life and the kinds of memories that we will treasure. It is people. It is not things, money or successful titles.

The best time to be moving to China is from jan 01 to Dec 31 each year. Please find some other topics. Thank you !

If at all possible, my advice is to avoid travel to China 365 days per year. YMMV.

You post apply just to you. You are welcome not to travel here anytime.

Best seasons in China are spring and fall. Weather is good, not too cold and not too hot. Rainy seasons are far and colors are awesome. The worst time to move to china is surely Summer. Too hot, and many places experience the rainy season. That means a month with only rain and super wet air.

If you're a teacher then March and September. If you work in another field, it doesn't matter.

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