i got an offer for working in KL salary is 4000 It is enough ???

Hello every one
i am from Egypt and i got an offer to work in KL but they will pay only 4000, housing on me and transportation too, it is worth ??? please help me i should sign my contract tomorrow

Is it USD4000; If yes than it's ok to join

NO Malaysian

Are you single or family.

Immigration has a Category III Professional EP for salaries RM3000-4999 so I guess its sufficient for foreigners to live in Malaysia with that income. However, with school fees starting at about RM2000 per month, the salary would be suitable for a single or childless couple. Accommodation can be the highest expenditure (RM1500 upwards) but flat-sharing reduces that to RM1000 or less. Provisions would cost RM500-750 per month, transport RM400, Utilities + mobile phone RM450. Tax 28% whilst non-resident and about RM120 otherwise.


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