EP Pending since 24 April 2018

Hello Guys,

I am sure some of you might have faced the same situation that I am facing currently. So apologies if I should not be posting a new thread.

My company applied my EP on 24th April and it's still pending. I have been working in Singapore for past 4 years. All the documents submitted have already been verified in previous EP applications so no vetting needed, I believe.

For new applications, long wait time is normal but what about the applications where the applicant is already in Singapore. Do you see a long wait time normal? Getting worried now to be honest. :(

Thanks for your time.

This question we have discussed plenty of times and there are several threads dedicated specially for this question. Instead of creating a separate thread to waste space in this site, you could have gone through those threads and understand from those discussions. I have said many times that give some time for yourself to go through the discussion forum as we have discussed most of queries in past. Repeatedly answering same questions would lose our interest and wasting all of us time (we are volunteers who are allocating time to help our fellow expats).

Each case at MoM is separate to other. Due to stringent standards set up at MoM recently, they will see various prospects before renewing or giving a work pass. So, if you had got earlier success not necessarily you will get this time (similarly approval time also varies depends on the criteria met). So, have patience and spend time to read earlier discussions. Good luck

Hi Surya2k,

Thanks for the response. Never meant to demotivate you or other kind-hearted people here who are helping people like me. Was just looking for anecdotes of other people's experience in my situation. Most of the information on other threads were about new EP application hence thought to ask here.

Will keep my patience and just wait for the official response from MoM. :)

Thanks for the wishes

In this circumstances, you need to have lots of patience as it’s hard to say exactly how many days or weeks will take. In and average cases, 4 to 6 weeks. But, there are instances people are getting less than 2 weeks or more than 3 months as each case is unique. Good luck

Hi Surya,

Thanks for the info. Noted the potential timeline.

Fingers crossed !!!


Oh it got approved today. Forum is lucky for me.

Thank you !!!!

Congrats, good to see your case.

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