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My name is Anthony, I´m Italien and actualy I live in Spain. I speak fluently german, italian, french, english, swiss german spanisch and a little bit rusian.

I´m thinking to work in Greece. Right now I stil live in Spain. I´m wondering, if somebody can tell me, how is the live in Greece. Is it expensive ? How mucch money you need for food and drinks.How much for transportation.....

Thanks in advance for any reply.


Hi Anthony, welcome to the forum.

Till members provide you some information, have a look at this website : … try=Greece

all the best,

Many thanks for your information


Hi,well to tell you that finding a job here is almost impossible for Greeks so for what is called Xeni (outsider)who doesnt speak Greek even would be very difficuly.In the tourist industry though you would probably find,and tourism here now is very big so thats your main chance,try the top end tourist companies,very elite,where you may get a foot in and rise up in position

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