How much salary is need

How much salary is need to stay in Singapore for an Indian  family of four (1kid at 8th std and 1 at 1 St Std)?

We have already discussed in cost of living category. Please go through it. I would suggest spend some time to go through the various threads in this forum before you ask any further questions as we have covered all most all the queries you may ask for. Good luck

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thanks for your  quick response.  I have gone through the post and blog of different forums But unfortunately those are very old. So I have posted the same things. 
It will be highly appreciated, if you can provide some light on this

There is not much changes in expenses and house rents in last 1year.. may be $200 more in house rental (Govt flats known as “HDB”, 2BHK (known as 2+1 would cost $2000 to $2500 depends on location, so 3+1 will cost more. For private flats known as “condo” would cost $2700 to $3500 for a 2+1 then 3+1 would cost higher and so on). To hire a helper would cost $600 monthly or more then one time fees then monthly levy’s $265 to Govt. Helper will stay at your home, so she may occupy a bed room or helper room if you have). It’s highly regulated market so annual inflation is always in between 1.5% to 3%. However, for primary school fee in local schools around $1200 or so per month and private schools would cost around $2000 or more. For kindergarten, local pre-Schools would cost full day around $1000 and for half day it would cost $850 or so (3hrs study would be $550 or so). Here in local schools, study pattern starts with Nursery 1 (3yrs), Nursery 2 (4yrs), Kindergarten 1 then Kindergarten 2. Then child based on selection and grades, he or she will be awarded to join primary 1 in a local school. If didn’t get any local school then you have to find a private school which will cost more. Food would cost you $1000 to $1500 per month, daily transport would cost you $500. If you go out for dining, each time it may cost $50 to $100 for a family of four people. Monthly electricity and water bill (PUB bill) would be $200 to $500 depending of your usage. Then, mobile phone subscriptions for two, WiFi at home then cable connection at home would roughly cost $500. Arguably, would cost $7000 to $8000 for a basic lifestyle in Singapore (for a family of four including to have a helper).

Thanks a lot Surya. Really appreciated!!

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