Moving from Nairobi to bangkok

Are apartments and houses in Bangkok fully furnished? Is it difficult to find unfurnished houses? I am moving from Nairobi and have lot of furniture. Pls advise

Some are furnished some are not. It would be extremely expensive to ship furniture from Nairobi to Bangkok. Much cheaper to buy here.

Search for either furnished or unfurnished accommodation.

Thanks. But I saw on the net that it's extremely difficult to get unfurnished big apartments.

Big apartments big rental costs. What is wrong with renting a furnished apartment. Much easier and heaps cheaper.
You are silly to even think of bringing furniture from Nairobi to Bangkok. The cost is high and you would have to pay duty to bring it through customs. The time it takes for shipping and customs clearance can take months.

You can't fail to find a furnished apartment in Thailand. It depends on what you can afford. Lots of Condos, apartments and town houses. More so it's cheaper to buy furniture from Bangkok than carrying stuff from home.

Thanks guys for your advise. I only wanted to know if there are unfurnished apartments too cos when I googled the ads mainly showed furnished ones.

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Ok thank you

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