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Hi all,
Am Tony, from Kenya. i recently got a job offer at bridge Co, as a Dfac(term used in military bases)/hotel worker. The salary offer is 90 kd + 56 kd overtime. Though i have not sent all the required documents, to complete the process and get more information in terms of accommodation and vacation terms.

Anyone in here working for bridge co or have a friend or any knowledge on the company. I cant get any information of them in terms of their living conditions and/or working condition.
Any assistance/knowledge will be appreciated.

I have worked in Afghanistan.


Hi Tony
What exactly is your work duties ?
You didn't mention any details about accommodation, transportation and other allowances ?  Give more details.

The normal salary I think should be atleast around 400 KD for an expat to adjust in the economic conditions here. Please get clarity on your salary breakup and exact work description before moving.

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