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hello , i am Muhammad shafiq . i have full time declared job and paying huge taxes every month . this is my 2nd year in Belgium in fact on my Job  cause i came on job to Belgium ( work permit ) .  few days back  i  received a tax declaration file . last day i went to tax adviser to understand how to declare everything . i also told her i send money to my parents  monthly or some times twice in a month . she asked me if i have some proof ,its possible i get some relief in tax . i  showed proof of money transfer since start of 2017 to till now . i don`t know if she called or contacted  to tax department or else where . she told me ( what i  understood) if i declare this money i will need a proof of relation with my family  from my country (govt) otherwise i have to pay 26%  on this money too lolz  . anyway  i requested to my family and they  made  B form , perhaps i have too go my local embassy to get attestation or legalization.
my question to all experts is , should i mention this money in tax declaration form  or not ? i am confused !  this is my money its my choice to give my family or spend somewhere else . i already paid almost my half salaries in taxes . now if i declare it , they are ready to charge me 26% more on this amount and if don`t  do it i guess everything could be normal as i understood .on other side i am thinking if  declare and give a proof of relation  will i get some benefits or return  ?  please let me know if some one already had this kind of situation ? is there some outcome  if i take extra headache ? or is it more and more complex ?  in my opinion tax in Belgium is not friendly  .  if some one is single and  already suffering lolz , trying to buildup himself by own efforts   he has to pay more taxes as compare to people those are having wife or kids  even some times they get from govt instead to pay . i am expecting suggestions from all ... ;-)  thanks .ragards


Long live the Belgian tax system ...

1) Having one or more dependents allows you to benefit from a tax benefit, ie an increase in the amount of your income that is exempt from tax. This means that the portion of your income that is not taxed is increased by a certain amount, thus decreasing your tax. It is therefore important to know who are the people who can be taxed as being dependent on you.

2) You can, when all the conditions are met, take the following dependents:
- Your ascendants (parents, grandparents, ...)
- your brothers and sisters
- the people who were your sole or primary caretaker when you were a child
- For example, an aunt who, at the death of your parents, took care of you during your childhood.

2A) Attention!
- People who are not included in this list can in no way be considered as being tax dependent. Thus, your spouse, your legal cohabitant or the person with whom you are forming a de facto household can never be considered as your dependents.

3) Persons who may be dependent on you for the 2018 tax year, 2017 income, must meet three conditions:
- They must be part of your household on 1 January 2018.
- This means that you are really in charge of the household and that the person you want to take care of is living effectively and permanently with you.

3A) Attention!
- If the person likely to be dependent is temporarily removed from the family home for health reasons etc., it is normally still considered part of your household.
- Those who died in 2017 are expected to remain in your household as of January 1, 2018 provided that they were already dependent on you for the preceding tax year (ie 2017 tax year, 2016 income).
- Their net resources can not exceed 3,200 euros (2017 revenues). - They can not receive any remuneration that is professional expenses for you.

4) The amount of the income tax exempt amount differs according to whether it is:
- of your ascendants (parents, grandparents ...) aged 65 and over: 3.090 euros per person
- of your brothers and sisters aged 65 and over: 3.090 euros per person
- of your ascendants (parents, grandparents) under 65 years old: 1,550 euros per person
- people who were dependent on you when you were a child: 1,550 euros per person
- Dependents with disabilities count for two people.

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